If there’s one thing in life so far, that I often ponder upon, it is – How immensely has God blessed me and my family through out. Through quarrels over petty issues to some serious fights, through rough days, through tough times, through financial high-lows, through just about everything. Yes, if there’s one straight answer to … More One-Way

Halfway Through

It’s one life for living, it’s this 20yo phase that’s going to give you some real major responsibilities and soon as you begin to get a hold onto it, your 20s is going to wash itself off your feet. Oh wait! Did I get to the conclusion even before getting started? Well that’s how this … More Halfway Through

Off the Latch

Teenagers?! Psst! “Been there, done that” right? And thus, by the very mention of the word, a trail of memories play on your mind, and you sigh(of relief or regret, you know better) So, although a lot of us have overcome it, some bravely, some so-so, some miserably and some just about right, but just … More Off the Latch

Careers make you?

As a child I always wanted to be an astronaut – pretty normal for a kid to fantasize about space (you’d be lying if you said no to this) , and as I grew and bigger dimensions came into picture, read: subjects, that dream slowly diminished as I found out it had a lot to … More Careers make you?

Single Child

So, although this is could be a heavy topic to start with,  that’s the identity I’ve been living with! Born into a very large and closely-knit extended family that lived in a different city and having working parents, my childhood had been constantly in a dilemma whether to spend my summer vacations with cousins or stay … More Single Child